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Mary Carol Sullivan, Freelance Creative

P.O. Box 1708

Venice FL 34284



Graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 1986, with a BFA in ART, deposited me into a marketing career in the middle of a lot of new technology, and industry challenges and experimentation. During my senior year, I was asked to be part of a group experimenting with computer technology designed for the artist and give feedback. It was magic to me! I instantly understood the technology as a tool — and was hooked. After decades of graphic design, coordinating meetings, printing, technology changes, and deadlines, I’m a commercial graphic artist …and strategic planner! Upon graduation, I began a position at a small suburban Philadelphia firm that was pioneering computer generated typesetting. I then landed as Creative Director for the largest designer branded luggage manufacturer in the country. My next move was as Art Director for a Philadelphia Agency. In the beginning, I understood the programs, and was talented. I was a sponge — listening to and learning from printers, marketing executives, peers, clients, purchasing staff, trends, etc. I learned purposeful design and branding, marketing, how all effects sales, guides consumer interest, and effects corporate growth. I discovered my ability to develop and work within strategies, spot trends, achieve marketing goals, instruct and lead talent teams, and communicate with executive staff and clients.

In 1994, I established Arachne, a full-service marketing and design studio working with businesses of all sizes. I also enjoyed working with other entrepreneurs; coaching them to discover their core goals, define their brands, and develop tangible purposeful marketing materials. Since a move to SWF in 2017, Arachne is now operating as Mary Carol Sullivan. I create and manage visual communications that ensure strategy and goals are met. I support marketing by producing print and digital media solutions. I unlock messages and stories. I listen, research and review, find the inspiration, use the appropriate technology and tools, make connections, and work towards keeping budgets and schedules on track.

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