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Kirsten Graham Six Figure Business Coaching

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Business Marketing and Sales Coaching

A small business owner is a person with a big dream. They start their business with a passion to build something. They are risk takers and are willing to sacrifice security to follow their hearts because they believe they can make a difference.

Small business owners take action on their dreams. They are no stranger to change. They know they need to learn new things, be flexible, pivot when necessary, and allow their business to evolve as life dictates.

However, sometimes they need someone who’s been there before to guide them and to help with:

  • Strategic client acquisition

  • Managing clients

  • Outsourcing

  • Holding them accountable

  • Problem solving

  • Smart marketing

At Six Figure Business Coaching, we love helping small business owners such as real estate agents, interior designers, social media marketers, professional organizers, virtual assistants, and freelancers, grow and thrive.

We work with businesses who are looking to grow by working with them through 1:1 business, marketing and sales coaching.

One of Kirsten‘s first clients was Jeanne Willson. Jeanne had left her 9 to 5 to stay home with her kids and was doing sporadic graphic design work for clients. She had a passion for web design and branding but didn’t have any idea how to foray that into a proper business.

“Kirsten was ‘the answer’ for me! I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I knew I wanted to work from home. I loved everything about marketing and design. However, I had no earthly idea how to start and grow a business. Kirsten had already built a successful business and she showed me the way! I couldn’t have done it without her!” ~Jeanne Willson

After working together for three years, Kirsten and Jeanne realized that if they combined Kirsten’s business skills with Jeanne’s marketing and technology skills they could help small business owners everywhere start, grow and thrive.

Together they developed ‘The Profitable Business Formula’ program for people who are ready to get started on their dream business.

Is it time for you to have the six figure business of your dreams?

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