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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

My name is Stephanie Dluzneski, originally from New York. We have been in the Venice/Sarasota area for 33 years. I am a Registered Nurse and a Certified Optavia Health Coach. I have always had a weight problem and tried every diet and fad over the years. I thought I would be 50 and fat. About 8 years ago I was looking to go back into a nursing career after raising my boys. I met my health coach and she introduced me to Optavia. Since I had tried everything, I decided I had nothing to lose but weight. I started my health journey April 2011. The best part within the first month I lost weight but more importantly I had more energy, focus, and improved sleep. I lost a total of 30 pounds and have maintained that loss over 8 years!

Optavia's complete offering is the Trilogy of Optimal Health focusing on healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finances. The four components of the program are built around the idea of offering a free health coach that personally guides and provides one-to-one encouragement and support. Then we have our lifestyle program. Dr. Andersens' Habits of Health system is our educational program that is guiding us to learn how to adopt healthy habits one healthy habit at a time. The support of the Optavia community provides local and virtual community events, support calls and habits of health video calls. Then we have our amazing scientifically formulated fuelings. With various options that we use as healthy nutrition as a part of a complete meal plan. Using the balance of healthy natural foods and the fuelings you can see amazing and predictable results.

I became a health coach to share my success and help people become better versions of themselves. I coach locally and nationally. If there are family and friends that want to change the trajectory of their life, I would be honored to offer a free health assessment. Health is your most important wealth.

Stephanie Dluzneski RN

Certified Health Coach





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